Best-practice interviewing will involve a panel of two to five interviewees rather than a one-on-one approach. Your panel may include the hiring manager , someone they will work closely with, a subject-matter expert, and a HR representative. The keys to preparing well for a remote interview are pretty much like a standard interview. Yet, there are differences, and you can refer to your notes and have a glimpse of reference, which is not the case with regular interviews. But to make sure that you don’t have to steal glances of your notes, research, and proper preparation by following the points mentioned above becomes vital.

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Skilled cybersecurity professionals are being recruited to alleviate these risks and take measures to prevent breaches. Finding suitable candidates can prove difficult, as interviewers must account for the candidate’s analytical and technical skills and determine if the individual would be a good fit for the team and culture. This blog will explain how Bitdefender’s Security Operations Center (SOC) approaches this common challenge by focusing mainly on candidates’ analytical and problem-solving skills. We will also address our views on questions of technical and cultural fit.

Choose A Quiet Place For The Remote Interview

Work-life balance can be more important to remote workers than those in-office. When your home and office are located in the same place, it can be stressful and hard to separate the two. Their answers can show how they maintain this balance and if they’re prepared to work remotely. Those who have this balance figured out are less likely to get burnt out with their work and be able to work effectively when they need to. By now, you’ve likely discovered the advantages of conducting a remote interview.

Based on research by the authors, here are ways to set yourself apart during virtual interviews. When the remote interview is over, thank the candidate for their time, and tell them what’s going to happen next in the process and when they can expect to hear from you. Thoroughly review the candidate’s work history, skill set and — if assigned — the returned performance task before starting the call. Print out the potential hire’s resume, too, as well as your list of questions, so you don’t click around your screen looking for them during the call.

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If they can provide a couple of detailed strategies, they’re an ideal candidate to work remotely. See that pets and young children are supervised safely in another room and housemates know not to disturb you during the interview. Also, be sure to switch off your computer’s screen alerts and IM chats during the interview.

  • The annual report revealed that the highest-performing teams embrace remote work, value and seek out diversity, and are open to innovation and new technologies, such as AI.
  • Interviewers often pay attention to your non-verbal cues, this includes but is not limited to body language, posture, facial expressions, and even appropriate voice tone.
  • I knew she wanted to understand how to create value so she could be successful.
  • It’s important to make the candidate comfortable in the first minutes.

The vast majority (70-93%) of what we convey is through non-verbal communication, where the meaning is innate and instinctive for us. So give all of your candidates the same information and let them start off on the same foot. Meeting the candidate face to face, albeit over a screen, is infinitely better than just having a phone call, as it allows you to gauge various non-verbal cues (more on that in point 6).

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Conduct a last-minute equipment test (mic, video, and internet connectivity) before the interview. Ensure you have a plan B, such as switching to a phone conference call if the video software fails to work. If other team members are involved in the interview process, it’s a good idea to have them sit in on the mock interview as well. The interviewer should never feel that you are taking the interview for granted, but he shouldn’t think you’re quickly taken aback. Hence, it would be best if you struck the perfect balance to rock your remote interview. It’s natural to look at the interviewer’s face when you have a remote interview, but watching on the other side of the screen will look as if you are looking down.

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